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Advice from a Hiring Manager to Humanities Students and Their Teachers

Great talk, from someone with a lot of work and social media experience, about how humanities majors should be preparing for the world ahead: Jan Bultmann, “Discernment: Advice from a Hiring Manager to Humanities Students and Their Teachers

I’ve been a hiring manager in the “Creative Economy” off and on for the past 15 years. I want to tell you this one, small, single true thing, which you might not have heard for awhile, or might not have heard ever. I want you to know that when I look at resumes, I look for degrees in English, Philosophy, History, and Comparative Literature.

No matter where your students end up, whether it’s at the Boeing Company as a technical writer or at an advertising company or a software company or a nonprofit, the capacity for imagination and the worldview they bring with them is what will make a difference–to them, and to the world around them.

Privacy and Social Media

Apparently, state legislatures (and the ACLU) are beginning to form policy about potential employers (and higher ed institutions) asking for social media passwords:

The local ACLU’s outcry eventually inspired Maryland’s state lawmakers to pass the nation’s first ban on employers asking current or prospective employees for such usernames or passwords. After that statute got put on the books last May, six other states followed suit in 2012. And lawmakers in more than 30 states have continued the trend this year, proposing more than 60 related bills during their 2013 sessions.

(Thanks to Mary for the link!)

Change in Field Research Schedule

About time we start using the front page for something.

Just a quick announcement: After some consideration, we’ve decided to push back the FR schedule a week; the original due date was Feb 26/28, so think in terms of a draft due for discussion/review that week (Feb 26/28) and the final version due the week of Mar 5/7.

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