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  • David Swenton started the topic Mecology in the forum Mecologies 3 years, 8 months ago

    Facebook: My Facebook profile is incredibly private. I’ve gone to great lengths to make it so only friends have access to my posts, pictures, and other information. My network on the platform is vast, however, with over 1,400 friends having access to my profile. I use Facebook primarily to keep my friends and family updated on the bigger…[Read more]


    For my profile picture, I chose a picture of me conducting the SU Marching Band from last season. While not a stereotypically “professional” headshot, I thought it was good at conveying that I’m more than just another aspiring attorney who wears nothing but suits and ties.

    The headline I chose was “Out to change the…[Read more]

  • My field research is focused on how attorneys use social media to build their “brand” in the legal field. I was really unsure of how to get started with this–attorneys aren’t exactly superstars in American public life (with notable exceptions such as Gloria Allred), so finding standout names on social media proved to be a challenge. After…[Read more]

  • If you don’t “like” George Takei on Facebook, I suggest you go do it. I don’t think there’s anyone else on Facebook who has such a prolific ability to share content that gets a lot of laughs, a lot of likes, and produces a lot of comments.

    Funny pictures and cartoons comprise a good chunk of what he shares, but he also dabbles in posts relating…[Read more]

  • My career goal is to be an attorney. This chosen path means that the next few years are fairly straightforward–I’m currently in the process of applying to law schools across the Northeast, and once I begin my legal education next year, my course structure (and other educational activities) will be nearly completely set for me. I guess you could…[Read more]

  • When I considered how I want to “brand” myself, my list included the following terms: intelligent, friendly, outgoing, self-motivated, musical, and legal-minded. My ultimate career goal is to be a practicing attorney, and most of the terms on this list fit that career well. As an aspiring member of the legal profession, it’s important to develop…[Read more]

  • The main social media platforms I currently use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wordpress. In terms of which platforms are “central” in my online presence, I’m most active on Facebook and Twitter by far. Facebook and Wordpress are used primarily on my actual computer, while I use Instagram and Twitter primarily on my iPhone (I do have apps…[Read more]

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